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Saturday, May 16, 2020

Tropical Alexander

How to Make:

  • Pear Absolut vodka 
  • Tonic water
  • Topped with the juice of 3 fresh passion fruits. 
  • On the rocks. 

We need @phildelrivo to try this and share HIS photos! 

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Roast Dinner from the Black Rock Pub in Santiago, Chile for Australia Day 2020

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Friday, November 29, 2019

Thanksgiving Dinner at the Black Rock Pub in Santiago, Chile

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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Onion Pakora from Majestic in Santiago, Chile

Chile Croquetas fritas de cebolla rebozadas en harina de garbanzo

Onion croquettes fried in chickpea flour

Murgh Tikka Masala from Majestic in Santiago, Chile

Chile Finos trozos de pollo asados al tandoor y terminados en salsa de varios condimentos de la India
Chicken roasted in tandoor and cooked in an Indian seasoned sauce

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Roasted pork hock with spätzle from Starnberg in Santiago, Chile

Roasted pork hock with spätzle, sweet red cabbage and a mushroom cream sauce

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Le Bistrot in Santiago, Chile - Review

Santiago, Chile does not have an abundance of French cuisine, but for many years there has been one little gem that can meet the needs of any Francophile. Welcome to Le Bistrot.

Le Bistrot is seldom empty on a weekend as it shows off its indoor and covered outdoor seating areas in a setting that gives the feel of being in a bistrot in Marseille. Loud and full of energy, it's a perfect setting to dig into some French fare. 

The most popular dishes at Le Bistrot are the Magret de canard, Médallon de Palette de Boeuf confite au Porto, Moules marinières, as well as their various cheeses and foie gras.

For my visit, I opted for two of my favorites: escargot and boeuf bourguignon.

Escargot from Le Bistrot in Santiago, Chile

The escargot arrived in an escargot plate, but it was missing the primary reason to use such a plate as the food came without the shells. The sauce was thick with less butter than one usually finds, with large chunks of tasty garlic. While the food itself was good, the presentation without the shells did take away from the experience.

Boeuf Bourguignon from Le Bistrot in Santiago, Chile

I grew up eating boeuf bourguignon at home, so for me, I consider it comfort food. It's really something you can't do wrong as long as the meat itself is tender and the sauce has a savory pop to it. The boeuf bourguignon at Le Bistrot did not disappoint. The served temperature was too hot to eat, so I had to wait for it to cool down. But once I did, the taste blended perfectly with the truffle mashed potatoes it was served with.

The only issue I have with Le Bistrot is that being a French restaurant, it's important to serve French wines. Other than offering champagne, the bistrot offers only (2) French wine options...a single red and a white.

The meal itself delivered the balance I was looking for: simple, comforting food in a fun and enjoyable environment.

If you're looking for a change of pace in a warm and inviting environment, give Le Bistrot a visit.

Le Bistrot Restaurant Review Grades:

Atmosphere: A

Menu: B+

Food: B

Wine List: C

Le Bistrot - Menu

Le Bistrot Wine Menu

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Carnal in Santiago, Chile - Review

T-bone steak from Carnal in Santiago, Chile
T-bone steak from Carnal in Santiago, Chile

Of all the steakhouses in Santiago, Chile, Carnal may be the most unique. Sure, every other restaurant focused on their beef offerings has a menu with something for everyone. But what makes Carnal so exquisite, is that it truly is a fish out water when you see their menu.

Carnal might be located in Chile, but its parent restaurant is actually based in Peru, similar to how La Cabrera originated in Buenos Aires, Argentina, yet has locations in a number of other countries including Santiago, Chile. 

But what makes Carnal different is that it's a Peruvian creation, existing in Santiago, Chile...but has a completely American beef menu. When reviewing the different cuts of meat they offer, the list is more reminiscent of what you'd expect at a New York City steakhouse. In fact, the first cut of beef on the menu is a New York Strip, followed by a Bone-in New York and others such as a Flat Iron, Porterhouse and T-bone. You won't find all of these cuts of meet on most Chilean menus.

If the cuts of beef weren't enough to sample a different restaurant experience in Chile, all of the beef they offer is either Certified Angus Beef or USDA Prime. So they offer the patrons a US steakhouse experience right here in Santiago, Chile.

The food meets all of the expectations.

With an array of different side dishes, it's easy for a visitor to find the perfect food pairing for their meal. You'll even find a distinctly US side-dish option of Mac & Cheese with truffles.

Upon sitting at your table, the wait staff offer a visually impressive bread assortment with different herbed butters.

Bread assortment from Carnal in Santiago, Chile
Bread assortment from Carnal in Santiago, Chile

When ordering your meal, they additionally make their recommendation for the ideal cooking temperature for the specific cut. As I ordered a T-bone steak (photo above), which has the bone, the waiter recommended medium rare sine my usually preference "a punto" or medium well, might result in the meat further away from the bone being overcooked. I asked them to find a happy medium by aiming for something in between medium rare and medium well. They delivered. 

On my most recent visit, I opted for my usual choice of creamed spinach and pure de papas. In both cases, they were combined with cheese and were the perfect compliment for the wonderful T-bone steak.

Creamed Spinach from Carnal in Santiago, Chile
Creamed Spinach from Carnal in Santiago, Chile

Pure de Papas gratinado from Carnal in Santiago, Chile
Pure de Papas gratinado from Carnal in Santiago, Chile

Carnal also happens to have an extensive wine list. So it is easy for everyone to find something to go with their meal. As a Malbec lover, I was happy to find 7 different options to chose from out of the hundred or more bottles on the list.

I've often found that in many restaurants where I enjoy the food, I'm less keen on the ambiance. But at Carnal, it's always been lively and loud and seemingly transported me back to my days living in the US and visiting the "New York style" steakhouses. With each visit, I've enjoyed my time there and always look forward to my next visit. 

There are are many excellent steakhouses in Santiago to chose from. But at some point, if you're living in Chile and want to try something different than most of the others, I recommend a trip to Carnal: it's less expensive than a flight to New York City for a similar experience.

Carnal Menu:

menu from Carnal in Santiago, Chile

Carnal Wine List:

menu from Carnal in Santiago, Chile

menu from Carnal in Santiago, Chile

menu from Carnal in Santiago, Chile

menu from Carnal in Santiago, Chile

menu from Carnal in Santiago, Chile

menu from Carnal in Santiago, Chile

menu from Carnal in Santiago, Chile

menu from Carnal in Santiago, Chile

menu from Carnal in Santiago, Chile

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Seared Tuna from Pinpilinpausha in Santiago, Chile

Seared Tuna from Pinpilinpausha in Santiago, Chile

Seared tuna in a honey and ginger sauce with mashed potatoes and hot pepper

Atun laqueado en salsa de miel y jenjibre con ají y escabeche sobre puré

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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Happening in Santiago, Chile - Review

Bife de Ancho con hueso from Happening in Santiago, Chile

When looking to experience one of the better steakhouses in Santiago, Chile, one should consider a trip to Happening. The two-floor restaurant has a strong reputation for serving some of the best steaks in the city while providing a generally good ambiance.

I've visited Happening a few times over the years, first back in 2012 and a few times over the past 8 months. The food has remained consistent over time with some small variations to the menu. I have noticed that the capacity tends to be filled half of what it was in 2012, when the restaurant was  packed on a Friday or Saturday evening. There isn't as much a need for a weekend reservation these days. But this does not take away from the quality of the food.

When you enter Happening and sit down at your table, the wait staff is always prepared with the food and wine menus in hand. Upon sitting, they immediately make a recommendation for a starter, and propose an Argentinian grilled chorizo. It's refreshing to see the staff up-selling with an offer that is so fitting for an Argentinian restaurant. It was also refreshing that the wine list is available on their website, which is fairly uncommon.

The staff is equally as helpful when it comes to the wine selections. I ordered a bottle of a specific Malbec. The waiter returned and apologized that they did not have the bottle I ordered, but instead brought another bottle. Instead of using it as an opportunity to up-sell to a more expensive bottle, the waiter instead brought a less priced bottle because it was closer in taste to the specific bottle I had ordered.

As for the food itself, you can't go wrong with their beef offerings.

On my last visit, I ordered the bife de ancho con hueso, or a tomahawk steak (pictured above) along with creamed spinach and mashed potatoes. The quality of the beef was superb and it was an enjoyable meal.

Ojo de bife de Angus pampeano, reducción de vino tinto, con cake de aligot y escabeche de hongos from Happening in Santiago, Chile

During a previous visit, I've tried some of the house specialties such as the Ojo de bife de Angus pampeano, in a red wine reduction, with aligot cakes and mushrooms. When I'm at a steakhouse, especially an Argentinian restaurant, I tend to order a standard grilled beef meal. But I made the exception at Happening and it did not disappoint. The wine reduction and mushrooms paired perfectly with the ojo de bife and the cheesy aligot (potato and cheese mixture) cakes.

If you're one a steakhouse tour of Santiago, Chile, stop by Happening and give it a shot as it will not likely disappoint.

Ojo de bife from Happening in Santiago, Chile

Happening Restaurant Review Grades:

Atmosphere: B

Menu: B

Food: B+

Wine List: A

Happening in Santiago, Chile - Menu:

menu from Happening in Santiago, Chile

menu from Happening in Santiago, Chile

menu from Happening in Santiago, Chile

menu from Happening in Santiago, Chile

Happening in Santiago, Chile - Wine List:

menu from Happening in Santiago, Chile

menu from Happening in Santiago, Chile

menu from Happening in Santiago, Chile

menu from Happening in Santiago, Chile

Friday, September 6, 2019

Guinness Stew from Flannery’s Beer House in Santiago, Chile

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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

La Cabrera in Santiago, Chile - Review

For nearly two years from 2010 through 2011, I lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Every weekend, I'd stroll down the street in my neighborhood and take in the lovely smells of grilled steaks from all the parrillas in my neighborhood such as Miranada and La Dorita.

But one of my favorite weekend activities was to walk from my apartment in Palermo Hollywood over to Palermo Soho and have dinner at La Cabrera. While extremely popular with tourists, it was still considered one of the best parrillas in the city. Without a reservation, the wait time could be hours...but it was always worth the visit. The food was consistently perfect and the atmosphere ideal. This was the perfect example of an Argentinian steakhouse.

When I learned that they were launching a location in my new home of Santiago, Chile, I was excited. While Chile has a number of wonderful steakhouses in Santiago like Carnal, Ox, and Happening, the idea of an authentic Argentinian parrilla experience outside of the country was exciting. 

Ojo de Bife Wagyu from La Cabrera in Santiago, Chile

Upon visiting the Chile version of this gem, one quickly learns that it’s a very different experience.

The first offering from the wait staff as you sit at your table is a Pisco Sour. This is normal at a Chilean restaurant, but certainly not expected for one seeking a more Argentinian experience.

As La Cabrera is at heart an Argentinian restaurant, they have one of the most extensive wine varieties of Argentinian Malbecs in Santiago. So it's easy to see past the drink offering.

My general experience with La Cabrera in Chile had been favorable. In previous visits I had the bife de chorizo, my favorite cut at the Argentina restaurant location. 

Bife de Chorizo from La Cabrera in Santiago, Chile

I recently decided to try something different and ordered the bife de ojo wagyu, the best cut they offer. It comes with the usual sample size tasting of different salads, vegetables and starches from the photos below. But I also ordered creamed spinach and potatoes au gratin. 

When the meal arrived, it looked great. But it tasted as if they had marinated this premium cut in a salt mixture for months. It was inedible. I had to send it back. The manager came out and asked what was wrong. I explained the problem. His response was to ask me what type of cut I “usually” order. He asked “bife de lomo" (which is a filet migon)? I responded with “ojo de bife”...the same cut, which I often get at places like Ox and Happening in Santiago. 

They offered another cut and to fix the problem, which was reassuring.

The problem was cultural.

Chileans generally like an abundance of salt. They have it on every table. But some who enjoy good food and a better culinary experience might not always prefer over-salted food.

To maintain some optimism for La Cabrera, I revisited the next evening as I was in the mood for a milanesa napolitana. It's a beef cutlet that is traditionally about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch thick in Argentina and covered in melted cheese, ham and tomatoes. It was always one of my favorites in Buenos Aires, and I've had back luck with them in Chile. The norm in Santiago is for the beef itself to be less than a centimeter thick, so all the flavor is just oiled breading.

La Cabera did not disappoint as it was one of the finest milanesas I've tasted. With a side dish of french fired potato halves with caramelized onions, and the usual accoutrement of sample sides, it was an excellent meal.

Milanesa de Ternera Napolitana from La Cabrera in Santiago, Chile
breaded beef cutlet with ham, mozzarella and tomatoes 

Overall, I'm happy with the restaurant. I just had to come to terms with the reality that instead of a 100% Argentinian experience, this menu is going to be altered to better fit the local palate. 

The menu at La Cabrera is not set to replicate the original Argentinian locale. It’s made for Chileans. They offer no less than 5 French fry options for side dishes including papas fritas al a pobre (french fries with a fried egg...a traditional Chilean dish) but they don't offer pure de papas, an Argentinian parilla staple. 

In the perfect world, La Cabrera would be able to simply replicate the once in a lifetime experience in Argentina.  Instead they realized that in trying to expand to Chile, they had to make a few changes. It's understandable.

If you live in Santiago, a visit to La Cabrera is well worth trying. 

Atmosphere: A+
Menu: B-
Food: B+
Wine List: A+

La Cabrera Side Dishes:

Accoutrements from La Cabrera in Santiago, Chile:
quinoa, fried mushrooms, Russian salad, green salad, lentil hummus, pumpkin flan

Espinacas as la Crema from La Cabrera in Santiago, Chile
Papas Fritas con Cebolla Confitadas from La Cabrera in Santiago, Chile

Papas Gratinadas from La Cabrera in Santiago, Chile

Entradas from La Cabrera in Santiago, Chile:
roasted garlic and puree de papas, basil mashed potatoes, corn puré, rice

La Cabrera Chile Menu:
Menu from La Cabrera in Santiago, Chile

Menu from La Cabrera in Santiago, Chile

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